Sammie Wilson

 'A professional writer is an amatuer who didn't quit' - Richard Bach
I didn't quit. 

Ever since rogues kidnapped her and her little sister leaving everyone else dead, Serenity Clay has dreamed of revenge. Intelligent and highly trained as an assassin, Serenity has her chance, but to go against the rogues would mean signing her sister’s death warrant. That is until she is brought in by the Bureau of Supernatural Defence.

In an attempt to manipulate the situation, she agrees to work as a consultant and help them eliminate the rogue race entirely. But, things don't go according to plan. A billionaire, who is moving Sanctum into not only a modern direction, but a human one, comes home to find his wife and son have vanished. It's up to the team to find them. Is it the Rogues? Or is it someone closer to home? Not only is this an obstacle for Serenity, she also has to go up against Demons - the true immortals and creators of Rogues. Turns out the clock is ticking for all of them, not just Serenity's sister. A battle is coming and you won't believe who's leading the army.

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