Sammie Wilson

 'A professional writer is an amatuer who didn't quit' - Richard Bach
I didn't quit. 

I am not only a mother of four children but I am also a writer of crime and supernatural short stories and novels. I have a BA in Literature and Composition and I just received my acceptance letter for my Graduate Certificate in Forensic Mental Health with Griffith University.

For many years, I worked as a ghostwriter, writing other people's stories and working on other people's projects. After my last daughter was born, I went on a two and a half year hiatus but ultimately, writing is my passion. It's not glamorous. It's not get-rich quick and it's not always fun. But, I love it. I rushed the publication of my first novella, made endless mistakes, and will probably make a lot more given the hiatus I've just had.

Oh, the horror of our first books once we have experience under our belts?

The future is certainly going to be interesting.

I plan to start a career in Forensic Psychology working with the police, I've just started my own publishing house - Phoenix Online Publishing - continuing my 'Phoenix Online' brand and turning it into an Enterprise, I am about to begin my first travel blog as my family and I 'post-Covid-19', prepare to travel Australia, and last but not least, I am working on multiple novel ideas. 

If I do anything remarkable in my life, nothing is more important than teaching my four daughters to never give up on their dreams.

My favorite quote -   "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." - Richard Bach.

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