Sammie Wilson

 'A professional writer is an amatuer who didn't quit' - Richard Bach
I didn't quit. 

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Quotes Great poetry! I especially liked 'Always Faithful'. I live near Oceanside/San Diego so a lot of army families. From a distance I get to see going's away and coming home, which is always a blessing. The missing children's link was very touching... looks like a lot of time, research and love went into it! Quotes

Quotes Your creations are wonderful. The site is very nice..has a nice flow and your work. Nice layout...loads fast and the navigations is good. I will be back often to feed my soul. Much success!. Quotes
Robin Lynn

Quotes This is a great site! Sammie is a very smart writer with an extraordinary way of communicating her thoughts. The site is user-friendly and it is worth visiting.. Quotes

Quotes This site is a very good with a really great layout... Quotes

Quotes interesting drug article on your website. Do you have experience with drugs?. Quotes

Quotes good site, will be back..... Quotes

Quotes Well made site full of POWERFUL words!!! good job. Quotes
Leigh Ann

Quotes A well made site that loads fast and is easy to navigate. Nice Work.. Quotes

Quotes Very nice site. You are a very talented and powerful writer. After reading the one sentence describing your hometown, I was ready to hop on an airplane. The site navigated well, and loaded quickly. Godd luck to you!. Quotes

Quotes Very nice site. Great layout and easy to navigate. Good luck with it.. Quotes

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