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Ultimate Betrayal

Posted by Sammie on March 8, 2011 at 5:48 AM

I was in an unfamiliar bed, the feeling of crisp sheets rubbed against my legs and the constant beeps of the machines told me I was in the hospital. For what I have no clue. I strained to look around but other than white walls there was nothing really to see. I lazily scratched my right hand where the drip needle was sticking out of trying to will my brain into remembering why I was here.


“Finally,” I breathed when a nurse walked in. She smiled a warm and inviting smile, she looked to be in her late fifties, her grey streaked hair pulled tightly in a bun. She reached out and grabbed my wrist looking at her pocket watch at the same time.


“Can you tell me your name dear?” She asked when she was finished.


“Sasha Cane, I’m a police officer. Can you tell me why I’m here?”


“You don’t remember?” I shook my head. “The doctor will talk to you, is there anyone you’d like me to call for you?”


“Can you call my husband; he will be at work so call the station and ask for Detective Tatum Cane.”


“I’ll do that now for you.” She hesitated in the door way. “Get some rest you’ve had a traumatic experience.”


Traumatic experience? I don’t feel like I’ve had a bad experience. Maybe I was in a car accident? The last thing I remember was dropping off some sandwiches to my sister at school. I was in the squad car sitting at a red light, but that’s it, that’s all I’ve got. Maybe someone ran a red when mine went green and swiped me. God I hoped not that’s the last thing I need, the Sergeant breathing down my neck.


I laid back down into the softness of the pillow, my eyes were getting heavy. It was suddenly like a fog settled in my brain. I closed my eyes and let the darkness sweep over me only it didn’t pull me all the way under it was more like limbo, I could still hear the machines and the soft sounds of murmuring down the hall but I couldn’t open my eyes. I think my brain couldn’t slow down enough to fully shut down, I couldn’t help but worry about Jenny and her mid terms and me with trying for detective, Tatum and all the hours he’s been putting in, that’s partly the reason I’m hoping to get on the missing persons unit, to spend more time with him and share his misery of looking for the missing that most often than not are never found. I’m not getting my hopes up though, we’re husband and wife and they usually don’t like that but lucky for me they badly need someone on the unit and I have a bad reputation of being a workaholic.


I heard the footfalls hurrying down the corridor and new it was Tatum, again I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t.


“Sir, I need to speak to you before you go in there.” I heard a man say.

“Where was she?” Tatum’s voice was streaked with fear and urgency.


“She was found about five miles south of here, a teenage boy was walking into town after some buddies kicked him out of the car, he grabbed his phone and called the paramedics.” He paused for a second. “Her pain is under control for now.”


“Tell me.” Tatum’s voice turned into a low growl.


“She’s been beaten and it appears whoever responsible attempted to rape her but either she or something else scared him off. She has cuts and hand bruises on the inside of her thighs but no penetration. She has a black eye but the most damage is to her ribs. Three of them are broken, one in two places which we needed to pin.”


I listened in shock, I couldn’t feel any pain, you would think I would have felt a throb or an ache somewhere but no, nothing. He said I was beaten and nearly raped? The implications and questions swirled in my brain till finally the darkness gripped me and never let go.

I woke up screaming, I had a horrible nightmare. I was chasing Jenny but the closer I got the further away she appeared. She was moving toward darkness and I knew she was in danger I could feel it but still I couldn’t save her. I hated those sorts of dreams, they seem to pick out your biggest fear and dangle it front of you.


I calmed as soon as I heard Tatum’s soothing voice. He was sitting on the edge of the bed his fingers combing my hair. I tried to sit up but he stopped me. The first pangs of aches and pains made me listen to him. I asked him to sit the bed up a little and he did. I groaned when a burning feeling exploded on the side of my rib cage, it passed as I breathed through it. I reached out and grabbed Tatum, both hands on each side of his face. I just needed to feel the heat of his red lips on mine, it feels like I haven’t been able to for a long time. He pulled away quickly and I looked at him confused, my brows knitting together. He stood up and looked down at me.


“Why would you do that?” He asked, hurt clear in his tone.


My confusion deepened. “Kiss you?” He nodded. “Arr, because you’re my husband and we don’t get to do it enough.”


He roughly ran a hand through his hair. “We don’t get to do it at all Sasha, we’re separated and have been for a year.” He paused looking at me like I just grew two heads. “I’m going to call the doctor.”


My mouth was hanging open; it was still that way when the doctor walked in. He was short and bald. I wouldn’t like to guess his age because I suspect he looked older then he really is the stress of life proof in the lines etched deeply in his forehead and corner of both eyes. He flashed a light in my eyes and explained I was experiencing a form of retrograde amnesia, that the bump on my head would of caused it and not to worry my memory should piece everything together over the course of some days, when he left I turned to Tatum.

“Whose fault was it? The separation I mean.”


He shook his head, “No ones, we just grew apart.”


I smiled as his left eye twitched; it only did it when he was lying. “Liar,” I said. “Please just tell me.”


“It was after you made detective.” He said ignoring my shocked gasp at being told I’d made my dream come true. “They put you on the MPU and everything was going great for six months, then you started to see a pattern in this one case involving teenage girls, you were convinced they were taken by the same men, you got obsessed and when the Captain said you had to work on it in your own time you did.” He took a deep breath. “Bringing it home was fine with me we even started working it together but when – ” Tears filled his beautiful blue eyes, he ran his hand through his sandy blonde hair then grabbed my hand the bulge in his toned muscles flexing with his grip. “ – when Jenny disappeared you pushed everyone away including me.”


I gasped. NO! I mentally screamed the word, not Jenny. “I found her safe, didn’t I,” A sob caught in my throat but one look at his expression told me I didn’t find her that she was still missing. I broke down, I felt the drops of tears streak my face and tasted the saltiness on my lips. I tried to make myself remember but failed.


“I didn’t want to leave you,” he said tears sliding down his cheeks too. “But you told me you had a lead and I was only in the way, that if I truly loved you I’d give you some space to find her. So I did, I gave you space.”


I reached out and grabbed his hand softly pulling him to the bed ignoring my bodies painful protests, his muscular frame sat on the edge of the bed, he hugged me, than I kissed him. I pulled away and said. “I’m sorry, I don’t want you to be away from me I need you,” I dropped my head to lean on his chest. “I need you,” I repeated.


I tried again to remember what happened this time relaxing as I thought of Jenny’s face, her perfect rounded face and unmarred complexion, bouncy blonde curls and emerald green eyes, my thoughts were interrupted by Tatum’s phone ringing – it was the theme from COPS, suddenly I was sucked not into a dream but a memory.


I was in my car, my clothes were dirty and the adrenaline was coursing through my veins. My foot was flat on the accelerator. I looked over at Jenny’s frame, she’d lost weight, her face was taut and her eyes full with fear. The relief of finding her was overwhelming to the point that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I found her in a barn. The bile threatened to scorch my throat as I passed two stalls, both occupied by decomposing bodies; the last stall is where she was chained to a pole in the middle like a dog. I ran in and ripped the collar from around her neck. She didn’t say anything just silently cried on my shoulder as I helped her to my car. We started driving away; I couldn’t believe I got her back. I swiped at some tears when a scream from Jenny nearly made me lose control of the car. Her back was straitened and she was watching out the side mirror. I looked out mine – a black SUV was gaining on us. I tried to sooth Jenny and ignore the terror crunching down in my gut when my head snapped forward. They smashed into the bumper, the next crash that came had the car sliding sideways until finally we flipped, landing in the ditch on the side of the road. I tried to grab Jenny and pull her through the window with me but another pair of hands got her first. She started to kick and scream but she must’ve realized it was no use and just went limp. I on the other hand fought like crazy until the guy punched me in the back of the head knocking me out.


It was the sound of someone’s phone that jolted me out of consciousness, the ringtone was the theme from COPS, I actually wanted to laugh but quickly swallowed the urge instead I started to kick the doors and windows but like Jenny I gave up as soon as I knew all I was doing was draining my energy and not getting anywhere. After what felt like ten minutes the back door opened and standing there was a young man with a cruel smile etched on his face. He looked to be at least six foot with an ugly red scar down the left side of his neck. He grabbed me and chucked me to the ground. I screamed out as my back scrapped along the gravel, another guy came around the other side, he got behind me grabbing my wrists and securing them above my head. The one with the scar reefed off my pants scratching and pinching the insides of my thighs as he tried to pry my legs open. I kicked and tensed, kicked out again there was no way I was letting them do this. Eventually his anger rose to boiling point so instead they beat me. I remember the pain vibrating through my body it felt like I’d been run over multiple times by a Mac truck. The next thing I knew I was here.

I snapped out of the memory. OH MY GOD…I knew who did it. My heart started to beat at an unbearable pace. The bile rose in my throat to the point where I had to spit some out, but I needed to calm down, if he knew I suspected I would disappear too and then he would keep getting away with this. My stomach clenched when I realized how close I came to getting Jenny back. My beautiful sister. We would have been planning her eighteenth birthday in a couple of weeks if she hadn’t been taken. Another sob threaten to bubble out when Tatum walked in. His eyes were red from crying. He walked straight to me pulling me into an embrace; I resisted the urge to scratch out his eyes.


“They found her, she’s dead isn’t she?” I said calmly.


He nodded telling me over and over how sorry he was. I knew I was in shock. I looked for her for 12 months then I found her battered, bruised and in a hell I could never imagine and I saved her, I found her alive and I had her in my car. Oh God. I failed her and now she’s gone forever.


The sounds of my howling screams shattered everything in me the piercing cries echoed loudly in my ears; I let Tatum rock me, I had no choice but to let the monster that killed those girls, that killed my sister put his hands on me. He’s a detective there would be no evidence of his crimes but I vow with every fibre in my body he will pay.

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Reply Jill Allison
10:32 AM on May 20, 2011 
awesome...... I want to turn the page and keep reading. I love a book you can't put down, I want more.
Reply Teagz
10:58 AM on March 29, 2011 
Wow I don't even like reading, but that made me want to keep reading.......x!!!awesome
Reply Trish Wilson
5:30 AM on March 10, 2011 
Great story's, i would love to read more.
Reply Sammie
5:21 AM on March 10, 2011 
Thanks girls xo...There is more to come..Much more.....To keep in touch with the updates go here - and click like!

Reply Maureen Blake
5:43 PM on March 9, 2011 
Very well written Got in interested right from go. Hope there's more
Reply Emily Richards
9:28 AM on March 9, 2011 
OMG! It's the husband..Please tell me you're writing another instalment?

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